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Alcohol MOnitoring for custody cases. Family Court - Alcohol in Custody Issues

Our alcohol monitoring devices monitor an alcohol consumption randomly and scheduled.


The use of state-of-the-art technology in custody cases raises the bar higher. GPS Monitoring Solutions Inc. will provide the empirical proof/data to irrefutably demonstrate the parent's sobriety during child visitation.

In custody situations, one parent might be accused of being an alcoholic, thus not receiving custody as they should.

When equipped with a alcohol monitoring device, we monitor the parent's alcohol level several times during a 24 hour period, especially before and during visitation.

In the event the monitored parent consumes alcohol, the other parent, attorneys, and the court can be notified immediately.

This serves both parties

Parent accused of drinkling during visitation can prove to the court they are in fact maintaining their sobriety.

Custodial parent has peace of mind knowing their child is safe while visiting with the other parent.

Any violations will be reported immediately to the appropriate parties involved.

Case History

Father was accused of being an alcoholic and therefore had his visitation revoked.

Attorneys argued for an active alcohol monitoring device that would enable the father to visit
with the child. The court ordered the father to be monitored for active alcohol consumption monitoring for 90 days to prove his sobriety while visitng with his child.

Should the father have no violations during this 90 day period, he will regain all of his visitation rights.


  • Parental Flight Risk

    In child custody cases, often times the custodial parent is worried about theother parent fleeing with the child(ren). Due to that issue, we offer gps monitoring for those who are a potential risk.